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4 mins from kichijoji station!

4 mins from kichijoji station!吉祥寺駅4分

About our courses!

this Japanese Language School offers three different courses. 1. General Study Course, 2. Task Challenge Course and 3. Special Focus Course. In this page, we explain the differences among these courses. For the class details of each course, please look at the Classes and Fees page.

General Study Course

Class style: one-on-one / Class frequency: once a week or twice a week / Length of each class: 60minutes

Class details

In this course, you will step by step learn sentence structures, expressions, vocabulary and letters with a general textbook. When you study this type of theoretical contents, one-on-one learning environment is the best as different people have different learning styles, and they learn at different paces, too. Therefore General Study Course of this Japanese Language School is offered as “one-on-one class”. The teacher will adjust the tasks referring to your needs and preference. You can keep the whole class-time to yourself. Please ask any question you have. Please practice as much as you like.

Task Challenge Course

Class style: group / Class frequency: once a week / Length of each class: 90minutes

Class details

In this course, you will learn about different services in town and information of various topics for discussion with our original hand-outs. You will actually experience some of the services together in one class, and have casual/deep conversations with Japanese guests in another. As for this type of practical contents, it is better to learn in a group as different people know different ways of getting through, and they have different ideas, too. Therefore, Task Challenge Course of this Japanese Language School is offered as “group class”. The teacher will supply what you would need, but it is basically everyone in the class who is the teacher for the others. Please share the information you have, and the way you normally do. It may make your classmates see the light.

Special Focus Course

Class style: one-on-one / Class frequency: once to three times a week / Length of each class: 60minutes

This is the course for the people who needs to focus only on a specific task such as “need to read the school letters given to my child”, “need to prepare for my speech for parties and meetings” or “need to update the official blog of our company in Japanese” etc. We will set up “one-on-one class” for each request so that we can fully take care of the individual situation. We can comply with the requests such as “want to read this manga” or “want to learn the songs of this singer”, too. We will make the customized hand-outs for each class. You can bring in any material you would like to learn, too. JLPT preparation and Business Japanese will be arranged as this course as well. For the test preparation, we will adjust the lesson according to the total amount of time you can make for it and your weakness and strength. For the business Japanese, we will arrange the contents according to your occupation.

Self-study space

We offer you a self-study space that you can use at any time. In this space we provide you with various study tools such as dictionaries, workbooks, picture books, magazines, and cards. You can ask questions at the front desk, too.
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We, as a group, join events and festivals held around Kichijoji, and we organize events and festivals ourselves, too. Any idea for any event is always welcome. We make opportunities that we can interact with outside people. As for the events happening in Tokyo, we are distributing the information through Twitter. As for the events we are organizing, we let you know though facebook page. Follow us or join facebook page. It would show one of your weekend option.

Making Character Bento

Kanji Challenge

  • new year's resolution

  • Chat in Cat Café

  • Enjoy Taiko music

  • Making Wa-sweets

  • Making wind-bell

  • Visiting the National Diet

  • Playing Park Golf

  • Mushroom Picking

  • Choshi Art

  • Calligraphy and card

  • Yukata Wearing

  • Watching Sumo